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Virginia Is For Lovers, Maryland Is For Crabs

But are they both, as the CW holds, for Obama? Josh has a smart article pouring some cold water on the notion that Obama's a shoo-in to win Virginia--noting that it's a border state with only a 20 percent black population and, demographically speaking, isn't so different from Tennesse (where Obama was trounced) and Missouri (where he barely won). I think Maryland looks more demographically-favorable to Obama, with its 30 percent African-American population and its large number of college-educated white professionals. But has anyone noticed that Clinton has the endorsement of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley? Granted, big-time endorsements aren't everything in these primaries (see Massachusetts) and O'Malley's approval rating is currently in the low 30s, but it's not like Obama has the state all to himself.

--Jason Zengerle