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Is Hillary Momentum-proof?

The conventional wisdom is that if, as now appears possible, Obama runs the table in February, his momentum could make him pretty formidable in Texas and (especially) Ohio, which the Clinton campaign considers its firewalls. That's certainly the way these things normally work. But I'm not sure it'll be true of this primary season. The strange thing about Hillary is that while voters don't necessarily want her to win, they don't seem to want her to lose, either. Every time it looks like she might do that--New Hampshire, Super Tuesday, during her post-Super Tuesday financial crunch--voters have rallied to her side. I wonder if we'll see a similar story on March 4 or before if it starts to look like Obama's running away with this thing.

Needless to say, voters' complex psychological relationships to Hillary makes her extremely difficult to run against...

--Noam Scheiber