Two items that you might have missed--one campaign-related, one not.

-- For those of you who thought the New Mexico Democrats had set the standard for incompetence in managing a nominating contest, check out what's going on with the Washington state GOP. Mike Huckabee had the lead for most of the night, but as the caucus returns continued coming in, John McCain edged ahead. Then, with 87 percent of the vote counted and McCain leading Huckabee by 242 state delegates (or about 1.8 percent), the state GOP stopped counting and declared McCain the winner. Huckabee is protesting and sending lawyers to Washington to investigate, though the state party promises to finish the count soon.

-- By act of Congress, Georgia's northern border is supposed to be the 35th parallel. But thanks to faulty instruments and fears of an Indian raid, the surveying team tasked in 1818 with marking the border with Tennessee set it slightly too far south, depriving it of a share of Tennessee River water. No one really cared much until now, when the state is suffering a severe drought. So, as the AP's Greg Bluestein reports, some Georgia legislators want to retroactively fix the border and grab the water. Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen's reaction: "This is a joke, right?"

In other news, Barack Obama wins Maine.

--Josh Patashnik