This was once a truism.  But in 1936, when Maine (and Vermont) went for Alf Landon against FDR who won every other state, it was no longer an axiom.  Maybe this is the year for the authority of Maine to be restored.

In any case, Barack Obama trounced Hillary Clinton, yes, in what you have to think of as a landslide.  An AP dispatch reports the snow storms which might have inhibited voting but didn't.  This is another white state where Clinton was thought to have the advantage.

But Obama won even though he had sent out John Kerry and Deval Patrick to campaign for him.  Maybe JFK wants the vice presidential nomination.

Of course, Obama was in the state on Saturday, as was Hillary.  She, too, sent out surrogates, particularly Bill and Chelsea.  Now that Chelsea is a big girl and a seasoned campaigner are we still forbidden to comment on her prominent presence in the electioneering?