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Quote Of The Weekend

From Mike Huckabee, on the fact that it would basically be impossible for him to roust up enough delegates to win the nomination:

The pundits say the math doesn't work out. Well, folks, I didn't major in math. I majored in miracles.

Don't you kind of love Huckabee's hilarious tenaciousness in this race -- protesting the result in Washington State, refusing to admit that every day he stays in the race he helps the Surrender Monkeys win? What does his behavior mean for the old idea that he was hanging on through Super Tuesday just to be a stalking horse for McCain? I do think, though, that every day he stays in he helps his chances of being picked for veep. Absolutely bizarrely, he seems to have convinced more people that he's a legitimate conservative alternative to McCain than Romney, who I doubt could have racked up Huckabee's percentage against McCain in Washington even if Huck weren't in the race, ever could.

Eve Fairbanks