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Maggie Williams, Worrywart?

The NY Daily News has a quickie profile of her today, emphasis on her as loyalist and head-cracker.

One interesting factoid I haven't seen in the past 24 hours: When Hillary was deciding whether to embark upon a solo political career with a run for New York Senate in 2000, Williams--a confidante and aide dating back to the 1980s, when both women worked at the Childrens Defense Fund--strongly urged Hillary not to run. Hillary herself puts it this way in her memoir, Living History:

Many of my friends weren't persuaded. One afternoon in the spring, Maggie Williams and I went for a long walk. One of my closest friends and advisers, Maggie is a woman of great political acumen. She knew time was running out on making a decision, and for more than an hour she listened to me talk about whether I should enter the race.

"I just don't know what to do," I told her.

"I think it's kooky," she said. "And anyone who cares about you will tell you the same thing."...

I wasn't surprised by Maggie's reaction. She was protective and didn't want me to be hurt. But by trying to talk me out of it, Maggie helped me think through and face the reasons to go forward.

Presumably Williams has long since gotten over such reservations. 

--Michael Crowley