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The Clintons' Charm Offensive

Jason Rae, a 21-year-old super-delegate from Wisconsin, has not only had breakfast with Chelsea, he's gotten a phone call from Bill:

Former President Clinton called Rae on his cell phone, Jan. 25, the night before the South Carolina primary.

Rae was about to head out to dinner with friends when his phone rang and the screen said, "Number withheld." The voice on the other end said: "Please hold for the former president" and then a familiar voice said "Hey Jason, it's Bill here."

"I started to think, is this real? I am a junior in college and Bill Clinton is talking to me?" Rae said as he recalled the phone call.

Clinton talked about Hillary Clinton's electability and gave Rae an update on how things were looking on the ground in South Carolina. He then regaled Rae with stories about his travels to Wisconsin as president and the cities he visited during that time.

Impressively (especially for a 21 year old), Rae says he won't endorse until after the Wisconsin primary.

P.S. While Hillary has Bill and Chelsea making her case to Rae, it looks like Obama has . . . John Kerry. Uh, two words of advice for the Obama people: Scarlett Johansson. 

--Jason Zengerle