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Email Of The Day

Not sure whether or not there's larger meaning here but it's a fun read:

So, I think this may sum up the race at this point. Tomorrow will be the first time I vote in D.C. (I recently changed my registration.) I didn’t know where to vote, so I called Hillary's HQ in northern Virginia. A very nice elderly lady answered the phone and I asked her if she could tell me where to vote. She took my address down and then kept me on the line for 10 minutes while she struggled to use a computer to find out where I was supposed to go. She then went to the DC board of elections site and finally, after taking my name and birth date, was able to tell me where my polling site is.
As an experiment, I decide to call Barack’s HQ to see what would happen. I dialed the 800 number and pushed the option to find out where to vote. A chirpy 20-something answered the phone and within 20 seconds told me where to go.
Finally, as an aside, before I called BO’s 800 number, I dialed directory assistance. I must have been put through to a call center in India, because the woman on the other end of the phone kept asking me if I was spelling Barack Obama correctly. I told her several times that he was running for President of the U.S. but that didn’t seem to ring a bell.
Michael Crowley