That's the title of Stanley Fish's blog post, "Think Again," on todays New York Times website. It is based on the numerous responses he received to another posting he did on how Hillary is the target of what he sees as calumnies.

Of course, Fish means to dissuade from the substance of those criticisms. But his readers or, rather, respondents prove--if the polls haven't already--that there is this phenomenon out there, out there widely, of terrible resistance to Hillary's presidency. Among liberals, among moderates, among radicals, among conservatives, even among younger women and men. She may think that it's the same right-wing conspiracy that hounded her hubby, and not always for poor reasons. I think not.

She has caused this dismay herself and exacerbates her burden every day. The American people do not like to be taken for granted.

This is an auguring of the election if she gets the nomination.

And someone who gets along with almost no one (including many of those close to her who want finally to collect for their loyalties) will not be able, even if she somehow were to win, to steer the ship of state.