Update: These Fox numbers appear to reflect Virginia Democrats only. That was not clear at the time I first posted.

Fox's Potomac primary data shows Obama winning "young voters" by an astounding 80-20 margin.

Almost as impressive, if accurate, is that Obama is winning seniors, too. And women.

If that data is even roughly accurate we could be looking at a real blowout.

Potential uncomfortable Clinton talking point: The one demographic category she's carrying is white voters. (Although how that can square with losing youth, women and seniors is a mystery to me--unless black turnout was astronomical, I guess. Update: Early and vague AP data puts black turnout in VA and MD at roughly one-third, no word about DC. I'm guessing the Fox numbers include all three contests but maybe not.) 

P.S. Chait reminds us that exits often overstate Obama's performance. Caveat emptor.

--Michael Crowley