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The End Of Billaryland Is On Its Way. Rejoice!

Hillary Clinton fired her manager Patti Solis Doyle on Monday. On Tuesday, her deputy, Mike Henry, resigned. Resigned, hah! Did he wait till it was clear that the candidate was about to loose Virginia, lose big-time? This is life in the Hillary camp. Henry was, of course, much resented because of a leak (who knows by whom?) of a memo to the grand lady urging her to ignore the Iowa caucuses, the most insidious electoral mechanism in the entire system. He was right. And being right about this was not enough to save his ass from all of the mistakes that led to Hillary now deep into the process of losing to Barack Obama.

She will dismiss and dismiss. And then others will resign. There will be bloodshed in Billaryland. Already, super-delegates committed to Hillary are reconnoitering.  This is the beginning of the end.