Julian Bond, civil rights activist from the sixties and now NAACP national chairman, whatever that means, is afraid that the Democratic voters of Florida and Michigan will be disenfranchised at the national convention. Well, of course, they have already been disenfranchised by the DNC when it punished the Democratic parties of the two states for violating its sacred calendar by scheduling their primaries earlier than writ allowed. Of course, what the the DNC did was very stupid. Imagine excluding the fourth largest state (Florida with 185 delegates) and a big industrial state with big minority and union representation (Michigan with 128) from the convention. But now that the primaries have been held with basically only Hillary running in them and winning the popular vote big-time the Clinton camp has demanded that the delegates be seated. This changing of the rules after the fact would be crazier than the rules themselves. It might turn out to be decisive for Hillary in the delegate count, pushing her over the top. Without competition in the primaries, mind you. 

And what about Julian Bond who once had the promise of Barack Obama?  Wasted. He says he's neutral between Obama and Clinton. But he isn't. He's for Hillary.  And he's doing the necessary chores. Look at the dispatch about this on the AP wire.