I think we have a new winner for the most unconvincing and convoluted pro-Hillary argument. It comes from Joe Wilson! The best (or worst) part from Wilson's omnibus case against Obama: 

How will Mr. Obama answer Mr. McCain about his careless remark about unilaterally bombing Pakistan -- perhaps blowing up an already difficult relationship with a nuclear state threatened by Islamic extremists? How will Mr. Obama respond to charges made by the Kenyan government that his campaigning activities in Kenya in support of his distant cousin running for president there made him "a stooge" and constituted interference in the politics of an important and besieged ally in the war on terror? [Emphasis added.]

That "stooge" comment has become a prominent anti-Obama talking point on the looniest end of the right-wing lunatic fringe. (Examples here and here ) It's nice to see that Wilson--who's made a career out of claiming to be a victim of right-wing nuts--is now basically in league with them.

--Jason Zengerle