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The Artichoke Dip That Saved Hillary

By no stretch of the imagination do I think Hillary's finished. That said, I'm not very impressed by some of the retooling her campaign's currently doing. From today's WSJ article on the trouble in Hillaryland:

Mr. Patricof, the co-finance chairman, is brainstorming for new fund-raising ideas, having already raised the maximum legal amounts from hundreds of donors. Last weekend, he emailed finance director Jonathan Mantz with a suggestion to dial for dollars via video conference. The campaign is considering it. Mr. Patricof has even pulled out all his Christmas cards with their envelopes (for their addresses) as a reminder of people he can ask to donate to Mrs. Clinton.

Another idea from the campaign: Host several private events -- at supporters' apartments all located in a single Manhattan high-rise -- in one night, so Mrs. Clinton can appear simply by riding the elevator. [Emphasis added.]

Because there's nothing that can rescue a troubled presidential campaign more than a progressive dinner party. Next week, Hillary will try to corner the youth vote with a pub crawl.

--Jason Zengerle