For those questioning Barack Obama's appeal to women voters, or his prioritization of "women's issues," from health to abuse to choice, I think it's wise to note that despite the dreams from his father, Obama's domestic existence has been dominated by females since birth--in every direction. A single mother raised him, and he, in turn is raising two young girls. Horizontally, of course there is Michelle (whose role as a 'strong woman' compass is getting quite the airing this week) and his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, a teacher in Hawaii.

In addition to being profiled in the New York Times Magazine last month, Soetoro-Ng has recorded an insightful interview touching upon her upbringing alongside Obama.  

Not only does the segment contain a treasure trove of humanizing moments, the family photos (especially @ 1:44) are a jaw-dropping reminder that the "post-racial thing" is not just some screwball, so-crazy-it-might-work proposition for America's politics, but an indigenous outcropping of Obama's personal life.

--Dayo Olopade