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Hillary's Uphill Battle

Howie Kurtz is the capitol's -- no, the country's -- authoritative commentator on contemporary political journalism.  In this morning's Washington Post, he has published a column on poor Hillary's travails (which are plenty) and especially her travails with the people covering her campaign or commenting on it. He accurately calls this article "It's All Uphill From Here." Kurtz includes my Spine, "The End of BillaryLand Is On Its Way. Rejoice!," in the round-up.  And, frankly, I want to tell you it's actually a pleasure to be among the majority of my peers, for once. Maybe I'm getting soft.

I'm not sure it's all uphill from here. Hillary may have some electoral triumphs down the road. She will exaggerate their importance, to the public and probably to herself. That means the experience will feel more like Sisyphus's. That's proper punishment for someone who thought her nomination was inevitable.