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The Beginning Of The End For Musharraf?

It sounds like it could be, after his party was nearly obliterated in parliamentary elections Tuesday:

“Musharraf should be preparing a C-130 for Turkey,” Mr. Ahsan said, referring to Mr. Musharraf’s statements that he might retire to Turkey, where he spent part of his childhood.

Two politicians close to Mr. Musharraf have said in the past week that the president was well aware of the drift in the country against him and they suggested that he would not remain in office if the new government was in direct opposition to him. “He does not have the fire in the belly for another fight,” said one member of his party. He added that Mr. Musharraf was building a house for himself in Islamabad and would be ready soon to move.

Also worth noting is that Islamic religious parties appear to have performed badly, even in the North West Frontier Province--perhaps an indication that the United States has less to fear from a democratic Pakistan than some believe.

--Josh Patashnik