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Update: Chait Right, Simon Wrong?

TPM has Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer adamantly denying the Roger Simon Politico story that said Clinton would try to "flip" pledged Obama delegates to Clinton:

We have not, are not and will not pursue the pledged delegates of Barack Obama. It's now time for the Obama campaign to be clear about their intentions.

It's an oddly combative denial, given that no one has suggested that the Obama campaign would consider going after Clinton's pledged delegates except, well, Phil Singer and other Clintonites. Evidently this is the political equivalent of "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out--whether and how Roger Simon stands by his story, etc--but for the moment it seems the Clinton nuclear option may not be on the table after all and, as Jon Chait suggested, my earlier outrage may have been unnecessary.

Update: The Obama campaign confirms that it would "absolutely not use these sorts of tactics."

--Christopher Orr