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There's One Nailbiter Tonight

It's in the Washington state primary, which doesn't award any delegates on the Democratic side (they were all awarded through the caucuses ten days ago). I'm not sure why any Democrats would bother going to the polls, but several hundred thousand people did (in fact, Democratic turnout is running about 30 percent higher than Republican turnout, even though the GOP contest actually awards some delegates). With 47 percent of precincts reporting, Obama leads Clinton 50 percent to 47 percent. In the event that Hillary manages to pull it out, I imagine we'll be hearing from Mark Penn about why the Washington beauty contest matters, while the Wisconsin primary doesn't.

Still no word from Hawaii... 

Update: It's not just the Democrats in Washington who enjoy casting pointless ballots--on the GOP side, 21 percent of the vote (68,000 votes so far) is going to Mitt Romney. Presumably these are all early votes, but that still seems strangely high.

--Josh Patashnik