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Wins, Not Spins

Jason's post points to what I think is an underlying irony of the whole "work, not words" narrative that Hillary Clinton is trying to impose on her campaign--namely, that Obama seems to have steadily outworked her on the ground (especially in the post-Super-Tuesday states), while her campaign has devoted an awful lot of its energies to a series of (not very successful) spins: that first Super Tuesday and now March 4 would be "decisive"; that she could win by taking superdelegates, or flipping pledged delegates, or getting Michigan and Florida delegates seated; that red states and small states and states where black people live and states that hold caucuses or open primaries are "second-class" or "insignificant" and shouldn't really count. And on and on.

There's definitely a campaign in this race that seems more about doing the hard work than merely talking a good line. It's just not Clinton's.

--Christopher Orr