I've mentioned a couple of times that it would be useful to know how widely Barack Obama's January national television ad, which included the Florida airwaves, aired in that state. The relevance being that the Clinton campaign says Obama's ad violated the DNC's ban against campaigning there and therefore supports seating the pro-Hillary Florida delegation at the convention. But it's never been clear how widely the ad aired and thus how much we should care about it.

On the latest Clinton campaign conference call this morning, senior strategist Harold Ickes quantified the Florida buy for the first time that I've seen. He was vague, to be sure, citing unspecified sources, but said he thought the ad buy was in the range of a million dollars.

I can't vouch for that figure myself. But just to give you some context, CNN says Mitt Romney spent $5.3 million on advertising before the (hotly contested) Florida GOP primary.  

P.S. Another interesting factoid from the call: Communications director Howard Wolfson says Hillary has not loaned her campaign any more personal money. 

--Michael Crowley