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Name That Clintonite

It's time for a new game. Here it is: identify the person who floated this bit of ludicrous pro-Clinton spin:

Hillary does best when Democratic voters sense she's about to get brutally knocked out of the race, as in New Hampshire. That prospect taps a well of residual sympathy for a woman who has devoted her life to politics, etc. But when Hillary is triumphant she seems arrogant and unbearable, and voters feel free to express those perceptions at the polls. It follows that Hillary will do better in the crucial states of Ohio and Texas if she loses in Wisconsin and has her back to the wall. If she wins Wisconsin, and holds a big happy victory rally trumpeting her newfound momentum, the result will be a another surge of support for Obama. ... In other words, it's not that there is no momentum from a primary victory this year ("nomentum"). There's reverse momementum ("mutnemom!"), at least where Hillary is concerned. If she wins a primary one week that makes her more likely to lose the next one.

Was it:

A) Mark Penn

B) Joe Wilson

C) Larry Johnson

D) Mickey Kaus's friend "S."

If you guessed D, you win!

P.S. The Clinton campaign might want to think about signing up this S person. S's stuff is no more ridiculous than Penn's, and it has to come a lot cheaper.

--Jason Zengerle