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I, Superdelegate: The McCain Scandal Bumped Me Off MSNBC!

The Austin debate tonight between Hillary and Barack is on the mind of everyone I know today and is all anyone is talking to me about. I will be at the debate--each DNC and State Executive Committee member was given one ticket. I appreciated that since 43,000 people entered a lottery for 100 tickets.

It's certainly a bizarre world I'm now a part of: CNN Radio contacted me to be on their pre-debate show. And I had been scheduled for my first live national TV interview last night, on Live With Dan Abrams, but got bumped when John McCain's scandal broke.

My dad called me earlier today. He told me that he had just met Bill Clinton during his stop in Odessa, Texas, and that he talked with the President about me. Oh, and my fellow podcaster, Michael Wilson, and I recently heard back from the Obama campaign: He has agreed to be interviewed on our podcast in the next few days. I won't pretend that I could have scheduled that interview if I were not a superdelegate.  But I am hoping the podcast will help me and all Texans know Obama a little bit better...

David Holmes, a 34-year-old political/legislative consultant, is a Democratic superdelegate from Austin, Texas. He pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton about three weeks before the Iowa Caucus, but recently, there have been rumors that he’s thinking about switching his support to Obama. Let’s just say that he’s been getting a lot of phone calls lately. ...

Holmes agreed to keep a diary for TNR of his superdelegate experience.