Both Hillary and Obama had good moments and bad tonight. None were indelible. Several times in this campaign I've felt like we saw status quo debates which didn't change a pro-Hillary dynamic. This time the status quo clearly helps Obama.

I'm not sure what to make of her little homily to Obama at the end there, which ended in a dramatic handshake. On the one hand I think Hillary is eager to dispel notions that she has run a mean and dirty campaign (she asserted earlier in the night that the campaign had been "positive"). On the other hand it did have a valedictory quality to it, the sentimental tone of a woman who senses the end may be near.

Update: A press release from Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson proclaims that last episode "the moment she retook the reins of this race." I'd say that's wishful thinking, but we'll see how the voters feel.

--Michael Crowley