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Borowitz On Nader

Ralph Nader is a chiliast, and he imagines -- instead of Jesus Christ -- himself to be the instrument of the millennium. Like other other such inspired people, he is also a crack-pot. In fact, way back in the good old days he was also a crack-pot. Does anybody remember that he wanted the automobile companies to make heavier cars?  What about the dangers posed by the fuels that would run them?

One time way back, he came to a picnic in our backyard. We were having hot dogs which, of course, he wouldn't eat. Finally, my wife brought him some blueberries, the growers of which we didn't know. So he didn't eat that either because we couldn't guarantee that they had not been poisoned by sprays.

Having derailed Al Gore's year 2000 ascendance to the presidency -- after all, if Nader had not been on the Florida ballot, Bush/Baker would not have been able to play their partisan Supreme Court card -- he is now hoping to derail Barack Obama.  

Anyway, here's Andy Borowitz' commentary on Nader's surprise announcement -- well, not really a surprise -- on "Meet the Press," which must have run out of interesting guests, that he was one again running for president.