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Serbian Belligerence

Serbia has so much blood on its hands that it is only natural that Russia is its biggest and best protector. Almost nobody (but me, I hasten to add self-servingly) has explained what I believe is a cardinal thread in this alliance: both countries and their peoples are anchored in the Christian Orthodox faith and in the Christian Orthodox Church.

Kosovo, moreover, is a Muslim country, although its present leadership pledges not to allow it to become a Shari'a state. I believe them. Kosovo is a European polity and its people are not Arabs but Europeans.

Actually, Serbia is, by far, the less civilized of the two, as it demonstrated during its multiple wars against its neighbors ten and fifteen years ago.

Anyway, the Serbian dictatorship -- which is just what it is -- has now mobilized its always-ready-to-be-provoked mobs. They did what mobs usually do; and, then, they went after the Belgrade embassies of six countries, including the American embassy and the legation of Croatia. The last, I suppose, just out of the habit of kicking Croatians (who have a habit of kicking others, it must be admitted.)

Who intervened? No one.

And the United Nations, which had lamely intruded into the Sebian-Kosovar conflict, did nothing. As it did nothing when the Serbian bloodbath in Bosnia was underway, and it did nothing largely because of Kofi Annan.