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The Obama Photo [updated]

Update: Man, am I out to lunch today. As reader RY notes, the Halperin link below shows that two networks--ABC and CBS--did flash the Obama photo last night. So if some Clinton supporter's goal was to get that image into the American psyche, mission accomplished. Now-obsolete original item follows:

Although it fronted both major New York tabloids, that shot of Obama in Somali garb doesn't seem to have won too much exposure beyond Drudge and the blogs. Via Halperin, it appears that none of the network evening news shows picked up on the controversy as an excuse to broadcast the photo, and I don't see any mention of it in today's Times or Post (beyond some discussion in Dana Milbank's atmospheric story).

Please correct me in comments if I'm mistaken, however. Did your local paper reprint it? I also didn't get too see much cable television yesterday. Anyone know how Fox treated it?

--Michael Crowley