....is what the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens calls his column this morning about Israel's options in Gaza. Some 2,500 Kassam rockets have been fired from Gaza. And, while only 12 of them were lethal and hundreds of others resulted "only" in maiming and amputations, the consequences for normal life have been awful. Still, as Stephens points out, if there were "no Palestinian Kassams (or other forms of terrorism)," there'd be "no Israeli 'siege'."

But since Hamas has pledged to fight on forever and a day -- or until Israel disappears -- you can bet that, whatever agreements are signed, Palestinian terrorism will soldier on, and not just from Hamas but also from the gangs and militias in the thuggish camaraderie of Fatah.

This notwithstanding, the highly vaunted "world community" has contrived to calculate that any possible Israeli response to Palestinian randomness in killing is "disproportional." Stephens tackles these arguments brilliantly.

So what should Israel do? It will not leave the answer to you or me, the Non-Aligened Movement or the Security Council...and also not to the United States. Enough Jewish blood has been shed in our time without anyone trying to stop it that it is now the Jewish state that will.