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Farrakhan And Me

Here's a critique by James Taranto on the WSJ's OpinionJournal of Farrakhan and me.

Both I (a certified member of the Israel lobby) and Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam have remarked on the fact that Barack Obama was born to a white teen-age mother. Of course, Farrakhan's hyperbole was to show that Obama's birth followed the model of the birth of Fard Muhammad, the founder of Nation of Islam sect, to a woman who also was white. This represented to Farrakhan some divine message.

My take was that Obama's white mother represented two sociological truths: one, that teen-aged white girls also get pregnant with all the attendant difficulties that ensue; the second being the increasingly inter-racial and multi-racial character of families in America. A problem and a promise.

But Taranto wanted to shock so he conveniently omitted my point.