Several Reuters stories report that Kenya, which is
widely enthusiastic for Barack Obama in his race for president, is
apparently incensed by Hillary Clinton. What possibly did she do to the
Kenyans?  How did they ever notice anything in the U.S. in the midst of the
organized slaughter of thousands of their own people?

Well, like many Americans, they were offended by the photo of Obama wearing
a turban and other Somali clothes that was posted on the DrudgeReport,
apparently sent to Drudge by someone on Hillary's campaign staff. But,
instead of just bitching, the Kenyans were planing to hold a protest after
Friday prayers in the town where Obama's father was born and is buried.  I
don't know whether this protest ever took place.

But town elders said they were ready to bring Hillary to justice in another
way. They would hold a trial and if they found her guilty of the offending
act they would fine, not in cash, mind you, but in livestock.