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Hillary And The Mcgovern Inheritance

Some people are still worried about a few names on Barack Obama's list of
advisers. I'm not, although I yield to no one in my revulsion at Zbig
Bzrezinski being on any list but the list of the forgotten and the ignored.

The New York Times has a fascinating account by Julie Bosman bout an
even more ancient and more troubling connection that has been put to work
in the Clinton campaign. It is the old network of enthusiasts for George
McGovern. Some of you are not old enough to recall. But George McGovern's
campaign for the presidency was starkly isolationist. Yes, "Come Home
America" and leave the rest of the world to the exploitation of China and
the Soviet Union. As for the Soviets, the candidate had a rather
fellow-travelling history himself. He'd been a delegate to the Progressive
Party convention, under the complete control of the Communist Party, that
nominated daffy Henry Wallace for president and, like the also daffy Ralph
Nader, threatened the election of the Democratic nominee, Harry Truman.

Anyway, I was in the McGovern campaign for a while myself and realized how
truly pink the top of it was. It was there that I first encountered Sandy
Berger, who crafted McGovern's foreign policy, such as it was, an
economistic view of the world that ignored ideals and ideas. Sort of like
the foreign policy designed for Clinton by the same designer. Yes, the one
who filched documents from the National Archives.

All of this is a long way round to tell you that the McGovern crowd is
still alive and well. It has been enlisted in Hillary's campaign: "'72
McGovern Team Rallies for One of Its Own: Clinton." Both Hillary and Bill
worked in the McGovern campaign 36 years ago, and he was a state coordinator.

What are Hillary's chances? Not good. Their friends are not
optimistic. One of them refers to Bill as "the don." Nice analogy.

Post-script: The ex-president has been intensely involved with his wife's
candidacy, to the point of maybe having destroyed it. But his passion left
him when Frank Giustra, his Canadian billionaire friend who has donated
perhaps $131 million to Clinton "charities," asked him to do a
philanthropic event in Toronto.  (It's not like he has dropped his wife
before.)  This news is from an article by Stephanie Kirchgaessner, "Bill
Clinton diverted as Hillary faces key test," in Saturday's Financial Times.

The article also points out that the Clintons haven't released their
presumably very explosive tax returns, which the Obamas had done months
ago. Hillary whined that she doesn't have time to release her
returns. What crap. I presume that she doesn't prepare them
herself. This is work for an accountant, another example of her instinct
to fudge, no, lie.