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About That Muslim Question

I agree with Mike's assessment of Hillary's answer to Steve Croft's question about whether she thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim. But what about the question itself? Why on earth is "60 Minutes" asking it? Wouldn't it be akin to "60 Minutes" asking Obama, "You don't believe Senator Clinton's a lesbian?" I mean, those rumors/smears are out there, too. The problem is, by merely putting that sort of question to the rival candidate, "60 Minutes" actually gives the rumor/smear some semblance of validity, no matter how definitively the candidate answers it (and I'm with Mike that Hillary went about 95 percent of the way there). I think Obama's done a very good job dealing with these sorts of rumors, but he can only do so much: the press needs to exercise some judgment in how it approaches the topic.

Jason Zengerle