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What's This All Aboot?

Okay, I'm confused. A lot of people are arguing that NAFTA-gate was a dirty trick by Canada's conservative government aimed at blunting Obama's momentum in order to prolong the Democratic nomination fight so as to help the Republicans come November. That sounds plausible.

But now we learn that the original source for the leak--the Canadian Prime Minister's chief of staff, Ian Brodie--said that it was the Clinton campaign doing the NAFTA reassuring. So, two questions:

1) How did Brodie's tip about the Clinton campaign pooh-poohing its tough NAFTA talk wind up resulting in CTV's story about the Obama campaign doing said pooh-poohing?

2) And if Brodie did indeed point his finger at the Clinton campaign, wouldn't he have been, in effect, helping the Democrats since such a story would have hurt Hillary in Ohio and might have helped Obama end the contest on Tuesday?

Something doesn't add up.

P.S. Canwest's Michael Blanchfield tries to make sense of all this elsewhere on our website (feel the synergy!), but even after reading him, I'm still confused.

--Jason Zengerle