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This Day In Mccain Veepstakes News

Some interesting runningmate suggestions for McCain from wildly divergent corners of the punditocracy. Bill Kristol blackberries writes that Joe Lieberman, David Petraeus, Raymond Odierno, and Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas?!) should be on McCain's short list.

Meanwhile, Hendrick Hertzberg makes the case for Condi Rice--a suggestion that, the more I think about it, is so cynically brilliant that I'm sort of surprised Hertzberg actually put it into print, lest someone in the McCain campaign take him up on it and ride it all the way to victory in November. But maybe Hertzberg's strategy is that by branding the Rice choice with his liberal imprimatur, he effectively scotches her chances. Which is even more cynically brilliant.

As for me, I'm putting my money on Rob Portman: Ohio plus supposed fiscal expertise spells McCain veep. Remember, you heard it here first.

--Jason Zengerle