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Moral Clarity In The Arab World

All over the Arab world the murder of eight students at Mercaz Harav yeshiva was termed a "heroic operation" or "the deed of a shaheed."  Well, not exactly all over.  According to the Jerusalem Post, an op-ed piece in this morning's Al-Watan called it "odious," "barbaric," "inhuman."  More: "There is no link between a murderous terrorist act and the inadvertent killing of civilians in response to the firing of rockets by Hamas."  Some moral clarity at last.

And after you have read one piece of moral clarity from a respected Arab source, read another: An Al-Arabiya interview with Turki Al-Hamad, a pessimistic Saudi intellectual, channelled through MEMRI, the most reliable and extensive outlet for Arab and Islamic material.

Update: Link has been fixed.  Thanks to commenter jacksondyer for pointing it out.