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Saying So Makes It True

Mark Halperin puts his finger on a thought I haven't had a chance to blog. (Emphasis mine.):

The media loves a close game — It would be much better for Obama if the press stopped describing the race as “deadlocked” and “tied,” as he tries to certify himself as the clear frontrunner given his manifest lead in delegates and his unflagging national popularity. (Think Bush-Gore 2000 when the media may have functionally tipped the scales by portraying Bush’s miniscule margin snapshot in Florida as a decisive lead, somewhat de-legitimizing Gore’s recount efforts.)

Indeed there is a certain echo here. Turns out it's not hard to say something which defies available evidence and get the media to go along. I guess it's sorta like what Bill Clinton once said: People prefer someone who is strong and wrong to someone who is weak and right.

--Michael Crowley