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Obama, Dlc Candidate?

Speaking to the Observer's Jason Horowitz, Al From claims him as a kindred spirit:

“What he has done is he has certainly taken a good part of the strategy we have articulated over the years,” Mr. From said. “Which is to not polarize, but try to unite and build a coalition that understands that a Democratic victory is a coalition.”

From also notes that Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee is a fellow at the DLC's think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute.

Seems to me this is laregely a case of From looking to assert his relevance. Steve Clemons sizes it up nicely:

“Obama has created a new doubt in the media and some circles about what he is really about because he has tried to embrace so many people and he can't deliver to all of them,” said Mr. Clemons. “I really see Al From trying to shoot a cannon across the bow early and say ‘he is ours,’ when in reality, the Economic Policy Institute will try and say ‘he is ours.’ The A.F.L. will say ‘he is ours.’ And lots of other groups will say ‘he is ours.;"

Footnote: As a Senate candidate in mid-2004, Obama didn't seem to welcome having been included on a DLC list of rising stars: "Since my mother taught me not to reject a compliment when it's offered, I didn't object to the DLC's inclusion of my name on their list. I certainly did not view such inclusion as an endorsement on my part of the DLC platform."

--Michael Crowley