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Clinton's Bad Faith

In a fit of absence of mind the Democratic National Committee decided that, if the state parties of Michigan and Florida violated the sacrosanct calendar of primaries, their elected delegates would not be seated.  Both the Clinton and Obama campaign accepted that stupid decision, and Obama didn't campaign at all in either state.  But Hillary left her name on the Michigan ballot and won 55% of the vote, not much when you realize that "uncommitted" got 40%.  Hillary also won in Florida.

This bad faith of the Hillary campaign is not at all surprising.  But, if the DNC lets her walk off the with the prize that wasn't contested by anyone except Hillary because of its obsession with an old calendar, it will be breaking its pledge to the voters of two of the most important states in the Union.  Imagine how Obama supporters in both states will feel and what they will think when they go to the voting station--if they do go to the voting station.

There's an article in the Times by John Broder that makes the positions of the two candidates clear.  Mrs. Clinton's "solution" is not something made in good faith, and it is unjust besides.