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Sex As A Career Move

Eliot, Eliot, what have you done? As if hooker-obsessed men didn't have enough to worry about, your little dalliance has added a new wrinkle: It turns out that the ex-governor's good time gal, "Kristen," aka Ashley Alexandra Duprey, is an aspiring singer, whose vocal stylings on are getting a second (and third and 2 millionth) look by everyone from garden-variety gawkers to talent scouts and music execs.

Mark my word, at this moment, there are hundreds if not thousands of failed pop stars and actresses reading about this and thinking, Hmmmm, not a bad idea. The pathway to celebrity is increasingly notoriety. (Two words: Paris Hilton. Two more, closer to home: Jessica Cutler.) And what faster, easier way for a pretty, viciously ambitious gal to get noticed than getting frisky with a pathetic politician looking to prove his Alpha Male credentials? Give the guy a night or two of good lovin', then drop the dime yourself to the tabloids--or better still, the state's attorney.

And where hookers in particular are concerned, what's to keep these gals from taking such action? Confidentiality clauses? Even if a girl were sloppy enough to get caught outing her john, how much legal recourse would the proprietor of a prostitution ring have to go after her for breaking such a contract? (Over to you, Mr. Dershowitz.)

Not that anything will ever stop pols from behaving like morons when it comes to nookie. But it only seems fair to keep reminding them of the dangers. It's increasingly a MySpace world, fellas. Proceed with caution.   

--Michelle Cottle