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The Funny Hat Fallacy

There are plenty of variables for Democrats to consider as they debate what to do about Michigan and Florida. I would say the possibility that not seating the contested delegations could turn the states against Democrats in November is not one of them. I don't even really understand the claim. By the time election day rolls around in November, after all the bitter fighting between the Democratic nominee and John McCain, is it really credible that Michigan and Florida voters will base their decisions on what happened to their convention delegates? No way. I suspect the real genesis of this line is a bunch of party hacks upset they won't get to wear funny hats in Denver this summer. And if that's the issue, here's a solution: The eventual Democratic nominee should just throw some special party for Michigan and Florida delegates, maybe a barbeque, or a volleyball tournament, at which they get to wear all the hats they like and feel like big VIPs. Then everyone's happy.

--Michael Crowley