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Mccain: Join My March Madness Pool!

The media needs to stop giving John McCain a free pass. It's time someone started asking him the hard questions: What does he think of the NCAA tournament selection committee's decision to give Arizona an at-large bid in the tournament, while snubbing rival Arizona State, which beat the Wildcats twice and throttled third-seeded Xavier to boot? (I thought they both should have gotten in, but admittedly I'm a Pac-10 chauvinist.)

Whatever McCain thinks of the decision, he's still getting in on the March Madness action. He just sent out an email to supporters advertising his campaign's 2008 bracket pool, in which you can compare your picks to McCain's. (You can probably bet on an all-swing-state Final Four of Wisconsin, Xavier, Pitt, and Arkansas.) It does seem a little curious that McCain's advertising the chance to "win great McCain 2008 prizes" despite being a leading voice in Congress against sports betting, but I guess it's OK since there's no entrance fee.

--Josh Patashnik