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What Are Those Superdelegates Thinking?

Barack Obama picked up another superdelegate vote today, courtesy of Margie Gavin Woods' endorsement. Woods is the Minority Leader of the Will County Board in Illinois, for those of you wondering how powerful you have to be to help decide this election. According to NBC News, Obama has gained 48 superdelegates since February 5th and Clinton has gained zero.

Perhaps the Clinton campaign has 50 superdelegates in its back pocket, and is waiting for the right time to announce the news (after a big PA win, perhaps). But the fact that everything from Clinton dinners at her NY home, to Harold Ickes (3am?) phone calls, to impassioned pleas from Bill and Chelsea, cannot win the campaign a single superdelegate (especially after two huge wins and a dreadful three weeks for Obama) must mean something beyond Obama's inch-by-inch gains in delegate totals.  Either Clinton fatigue (or dislike) is much stronger among the Democratic establishment than previously assumed (and it is assumed to be relatively robust), or the conventional wisdom within the party gives her no chance to win.

--Isaac Chotiner