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Obama To Give A Speech On Race

Via Ben Smith, I see that Obama's going to give a big speech on race tomorrow. Here's what Obama told reporters just now, according to Ben:

"I am going to be talking about not just Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign," he said.

He added that he would "talk about how some of these issues are perceived from within the black church issue for example," he said.

There are risks involved, of course, but I don't think he had much of a choice. And, obviously, it's a medium that generally plays to his strengths. Beyond that, I  think Obama will benefit from the contrast between what low-information voters learned about him via Wright (i.e., he has ties to a spooky-sounding minister) and what they'll see on their nightly newscasts tomorrow night (very winning, reasonable-sounding, non-divisive guy).

--Noam Scheiber