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Join The Tnr Talkback March Madness Pool!

It has come to our attention that TNR talkbacker Crock1701 has created a special TNR NCAA Tournament pool on In the spirit of talkback community, we urge everyone to join. I've made an entry in the group, and other TNR staffers will too. Click here to join (if you don't have an account, you'll need to complete their short free registration form). Search for pool name "TNR Talkback"; the password is billyard. I have been authorized to announce that the winner will receive a prize to be determined--it'll be something good, we promise. Suggestions are welcome. Sadly there's no March Madness blog this year, but we'll do our best to give the Plank a bit of basketball flavor over the next few days and during subsequent rounds.

--Josh Patashnik