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Limbaugh For Hillary

Yes, Hillary Clinton won the Texas Democratic primary by 100,000 votes. What with the caucuses and the complicated rules of the process, Barack Obama actually won more delegates. Still, Hillary has been crowing all over the country about her win -- although the early polls had her topping Obama by...well, it was supposed to be another Ohio.

Well, it turns out that roughly 119,000 Republicans voted in the Texas primary, which is an "open" primary, for Hillary herself. Thus, her margin was almost all from voters who cast their ballots for her on instructions from Rush Limbaugh who believes -- soundly, I think -- that she is, by far, the weakest nominee the Democrats can choose.

The Boston Globe published on Monday an article by Scott Helman pointing out that Limbaugh has launched his radio campaign for Clinton before the Texas, Ohio and Mississippi primaries. Apparently, Obama would have won 5 more delegates in the last of these states had Republican voters not trooped to the Democratic polls.