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Meet Obama's Newest Nemesis

So the brain behind that nasty web video about Obama that I mentioned yesterday has been identified. According to Jonathan Martin, it's Lee Habeeb who (surprise surprise) is "the director of strategic content" for a conservative talk radio network. Interestingly, Habeeb seems a bit defensive about his handiwork:

[C]ontacted yesterday morning, Habeeb initially wouldn't admit that he was responsible for the video.

"I will embrace its content," he first said.  "But I’m not claiming or denying authorship."

Later yesterday afternoon, though, he called back to say he and two friends were behind the video.


"We’re a free speech network," Habeeb said.  "We’re allowed to comment on race because Barack Obama is allowed to comment on race."


Asked directly if he believes Obama is a patriotic American, Habeeb said "absolutely."  But he added that "his patriotism is not my kind of patriotism."

"I believe he is hiding his Marxism from the American people," Habeeb said.

And despite the inclusion of Malcolm X, the black Olympians and a rap song by Public Enemy, Habeeb claimed he was not being suggestive.

"I didn’t do this to make him like a scary black man."

If you say so, Lee.

--Jason Zengerle