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Stuff Old White People Like

#23 Starring in Action Movies 

First it was Sylvester Stallone revisiting Rocky Balboa at 60 and John Rambo at 61. Then came the announcement that 65-year-old Harrison Ford would be donning fedora and whip for another tour as Indiana Jones.

Now, evidently having decided he's tired of watching the kids have all the fun, 77-year-old Clint Eastwood is rumored to be bringing Harry Callahan out of mothballs. A tipster reports:

I recently advertised my 1974 ford grand torino classic original for sale in the local here, and within 24 hours had someone from Village Roadshow Pictures interested in having a look at it. He came. He wasn’t interested for numerous reasons (probably the modifications). He told me they were looking for the right car for a new Clint Eastwood movie.

He said it was a thriller about a killer that drives a certain torino. His 1972 Ford Gran Torino is the only thing the police have on him. A retired police lieutenant, one Harry Callahan, makes it his mission to track down the culprit when two young police officers, one Callahan’s grandson, are shot and killed by the guy.

Readers are invited to speculate on where this disturbing trend may lead next. A Newman-Redford reunion for The Revenge of Butch and Sundance? The exhumation of Steve McQueen for Bullitt 2: Spent Casings?

Update: Several good suggestions in comments, though my favorite remains adaglas's Ben-Hur 2: Ben Hurder.

--Christopher Orr