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The Roy Williams Effect?

Noam has a smart post over on the Stump noting the warm welcome Obama received from some Philly sports talk hosts when he called into their program the other day. I think this might be part of a larger "sports talk" strategy that the Obama campaign is undertaking. This morning he called in to a North Carolina sports talk station and won over the hosts--and maybe the listening audience--by picking the Heels to win the NCAA tournament. Let's see if people remember that when they go to the polls for the North Carolina primary on May 6.

Update: Uh oh, I see below from Josh that Obama told the NYT that his Final Four picks are North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, and Pittsburgh. But he told the sports talk station in North Carolina that he was picking Stanford over Pitt to come out of the South region. Is the Pitt pick he gave to the Times a blatant pander to Pennsylvania voters? Was he for Pitt before he was against them?

--Jason Zengerle