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Searing Mental Image Of The Day

"I have a better chance of being voted the sexiest man in Hollywood than O.J. Mayo has of coming back to school next year at USC." -- Dick Vitale, on ESPN just now.

Not a very exciting first day of the tournament, the Duke game aside. As mediocre as the Blue Devils looked today, this feels like one of those times when a high-seeded team barely squeaks by its first-round opponent--and then the next thing you know they're in the Elite Eight.

My upset prediction for tomorrow: one of the 13 seeds (Siena or San Diego) is going to pull out a win. Not sure which, but they've both been playing well, and neither Vanderbilt nor UConn has been all that impressive lately. I'll go with hometown pride and pick the Toreros.

Also, a TNR Talkback pool update: After one day, J. Webber is on top, having picked every single game correctly. Very well done. 

--Josh Patashnik