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Better News For Obama

A CBS News poll shows far less damage for Obama than suggested by that Insider Advantage survey I linked to earlier. Only 14 percent of voters surveyed said they were less likely to support Obama after the Wright/speech saga.

(One minor but darker footnote: In February 67 percent of respondents said Obama "would unite the country." That number is now down to 52 percent.)

Meanwhile, Obama held a press conference today in which he denied having heard Wright's claim that the US government unleashed AIDS as a genocidal weapon, which he called "out of line and off the wall." He also specified some the other statements he did and did not hear, which seems to me the stand-up thing to do, even if it is late on a Good Friday afternoon. (The best scenario of all, as far as the AIDS stuff goes, would be if Wright were to publicly recant the statement himself.)

P.S. He's also apparently stopped the bleeding in Gallup, which is no small thing.

--Michael Crowley